What is Älykylä®?


Älykylä® is a new concept for construction and housing.  The concept is an intermediate form of ownership and rental housing, where residents are both tenants and owners.  The Älykylä® is especially suited for those with a high threshold for owner-occupied housing. If buying or building a home is impossible for you due to, for example, financial security requirements, or if you want to make sure that your rent level is reasonable, the Älykylä® is for you.

Holistic intelligence

In Älykylä®, intelligence is much more than smart technology solutions. According to the philosophy of ASV Arctic Smart Village Ltd., intelligence in housing is holistic and the sum of its parts. It involves smart technology, energy self-sufficiency, but the emphasis is on the affordability of housing, human well-being and the smart solutions to improve them. Supporting communality, the economic and emotional well-being of the inhabitants, the closeness of nature, climate, and environmentally friendly housing and resource-saving solutions give rise to joy and happiness. Technological solutions make everyday life more comfortable and bring security to the residents. The most important thing for us is that the residents are living comfortably and happy life!


We developed The Älykylä® concept as a response to the decrease of the vitality of the countryside. The problem is not so much the reluctance of people to move to the countryside , but the obstacles to moving. There is no housing supply, or it does not meet modern requirements. New construction and buying is prevented by unfair terms on building loans and fears of housing depreciation, or difficulties in selling if you have to move out. The self-financing rate may be too high for purchase or construction. Or all of these for the above reasons. The reasons mentioned are the most effective way of preventing the migration of young families in particular, which means an ageing and shrinking population. "If the population decreases, it is impossible to wait for the vitality to increase," slams Juri Laurila, the creator and developer of the concept. The ASV Arctic Smart Village Ltd., which is founded by him, provides municipalities and other clients a tenant acquisition service. The activities are nationwide, and we offer services to every willing municipality. The company provides a small risk package for municipalities to put projects in motion. The concept can be implemented virtually anywhere where a regional construction plan is made. 

Growing livelihoods have brought challenges to sparsely populated areas when accommodations are not available and not necessarily residential investors. The focus of the companies needing workers is not on employee settlements but the running of a business. Desperate times drive desperate actions. Every year is established barrack villages or other temporary solutions. The Älykylä® would bring a lasting solution when you are building the homes you need. Labour turnover would be reduced if employees would invest in their residence and would also bring their families to live in the place. With this solution, the municipality economy is getting a significant boost when the tax revenue is directed at the municipality of work, and the workers are no longer just on a "gig."

The ASV Arctic Smart Village Ltd. operates as a social enterprise and is committed to developing the vitality of the countryside and the well-being of the people.

Own energy production will increase independence from outside decisions, but also provide significant savings in the costs of living. The housing cooperative also invests in its own electricity and heat distribution network. It means that there is no need to pay transfer fees for self-produced energy, and energy comes at production prices. The overall solution can save you more than 50% of your annual energy costs. Residents may also be carefree in the thread of potential power top-usage payments. The energy solution is planned on a thematic basis, but the basic elements of energy sources are solar, air, geo, and wood.


The Älykylä -smart village is indeed the housing of the future and a residency for happy and well-being people!