Sevice providers

This section is for checked-in Service Providers.

In Älykylä® projects, the Älykylä.fi service platform acts as a channel for the transmission of quotation requests and offers between the customer and the supplier. Companies check-in on the portal as service providers to participate in tenders. Receipt of invitations to tender requires check-in, without which it is not possible to participate in tenders. We require that the checked-in companies comply with the goals and values ​​of ASV Arctic Smart Village Oy, which are, e.g. improving rural vitality, community and quality of life, environmental friendliness, carbon neutrality, reliability and population orientation. The customer receives the best offers from suitable companies, and the service is easy for the customer.

Service providers, subcontractors and suppliers who have checked in for the Älykylä.fi service platform will be sent a call for tenders for the ongoing tenders, depending on which sector they are interested in. For example, suppliers interested in tendering in the energy sector can specify their interest in tenders for design, electrical contracting or energy production through a multiple-choice question.

At the check-in stage, the service providers undertake to pay a commission to the service platform for the completed orders, which will be announced in advance. Check-in for the service is free, but a commitment to pay a commission on completed transactions is mandatory.

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