Utajärvi, GeoHouse Älykylä -smart village 


World's first Älykylä® will be established to Utajärvi, Northern Ostrobothnia. GeoHouse Älykylä® is a complex of approximately 40 residential construction, consisting of 21 detached houses, four double houses, loft house, and shared communal production and living spaces. There are, among other things, plans to build a village house together with a local village association.


The detached houses to be built in Utajärvi are prefabricated houses made of non-depressed logs to be delivered from Kiirunatalot Oy's Tornio factory. The picture shows the Kiviranta model. The planning of the energy package is now underway. Energy production and distribution, as well as storage, are planned. At the same time, a smart home system is being planned that will improve energy efficiency and the quality of housing. 

Climate positive housing

An advanced innovative energy system, even on a world scale, is coming to Utajärvi's GeoHouse Älykylä®, where all the energy used is produced self, using solar energy. Holda Energy Solutions OyHeliostorage OySchneider ElectricGranlund Consulting Oy and Seniortek Oy together with house manufacturers and ASV Oy are responsible for the development of the energy and smart home system. In addition to producing low-cost clean energy for buildings, attention is also paid to carbon sequestration in material choices to create long-term carbon stocks.

 The establishment of a cooperative is carried out when enough reservations have been made to start the construction. The construction work can be started immediately after the establishment of the cooperative. You can make a reservation already now by contacting us using the Contact Request form. (Site selection will be made in the order of booking)


Construction location: Utajärvi, Alakylä, plot 889-407-7-93/1, and 889-407-7-93/2 

Construction site scope: 42 420 m2 + 60 250 m2 = 102 670 m2 

Construction site owner: Municipality of Utajärvi (handed over to the cooperative to be established as the project progresses) 


Happy life in Utajärvi 

Utajärvi is studied to be a municipality of happy people.  Indeed, in a municipality, people are really taken into account in decision-making. In daycare, children will even be petted to their afternoon nap. Communality is indeed present throughout the municipality. In the GeoHouse Älykylä®, the happiness of residents is also an important part. Communality, economic sustainability, and ease of living enhance happiness. With the GeoHouse Älykylä® project and a municipally approved family package for children, the municipal population has begun to grow after 30 years of decline. Become one of the happy citizens of Utajärvi too.

Utajärvi municipality has decided to build a new multifunctional center and day care center. The vibrant municipality is indeed growth-oriented and inspiring. Jobs are also available in many sectors and there are good conditions for doing business. The location near Oulu also offers plenty of opportunities for work, hobbies and culture.

The cost of construction depends on the number of dwellings built. The first phase aims to build housing for at least ten families, for energy production and Smart Grid distribution, as well as shared facilities. Later, the number of apartments can be increased up to 40 apartments. The deductible for construction costs (contribution fee) depends on the type of housing chosen. According to current estimates, the range is from EUR 22,500 to EUR 37,000. Rents based on actual costs include financing costs, property maintenance costs, electricity and heat, water, property tax, and other standard housing costs. The compensation system is used to balance costs according to use among residents. The residents themselves decide on the margin charged by the cooperative, which can be used to increase the cooperative's solvency. 



The municipality of Utajärvi supports from the beginning of life 

Already at birth in Utajärvi, a baby receives a gift from the municipality. Furthermore, even after this, the municipality is also heavily involved in the baby's life. The municipality of Utajärvi offers families with children a family package and free high school. 
Support package for families with children: 

-Free early childhood education. Savings up to 3179 euros/year (1st child). 
-Municipal home care support allowance of 300 euros per month (the youngest child under 2 years old). 
-Free morning/afternoon club for schoolchildren 1-3 classes (snack in the afternoon). Saving up to 630 euros/year/child. 
Free High School: 
-Free textbooks. Saving approx. 1300 euros. 
-Free school transport of more than 5 km. Savings of 1032 euros. 
-Rental Apartment 150 EUR/month (if needed) 
-EUR 400 discount on driving license 
-Internationalization course. Savings of 40% on the cost of a study trip included in the course.  
-Study trip to Helsinki (school pays) 
For more information about the services offered by the municipality of Utajärvi, visit www.utajarvi.fi.