Sodankylä Smart Village

Sodankylä's Älykylä® has progressed little by little, and land use issues have been agreed there in a way that the place has been secured. ASV has a letter of intent with the municipality of Sodankylä, in which the municipality undertakes to promote the construction and zoning of the area. We are currently investigating whether the housing cooperative model can be developed to include a condominium model to promote a residential area of ​​500 inhabitants. In addition, we seek partners to begin planning. We are looking for, among others, a house supplier, a hotel operator, an energy solutions supplier, a fish circulating water farm and an Aquaponics / vertical farm supplier.

The planning of the Sodankylä site will start at the stage when the cooperation agreements are signed, we get enough pre-registrations or Sodankylä municipality is otherwise under pressure for housing construction.